Dealer Ride Challenge

H-D's 120th Dealer Ride Challenge

Friday, September 1 through Saturday, September 9 ride into Kegel H-D for a mileage reading to become part of our Dealer Ride Challenge! 

This promotions rolls through the beautiful month of September, giving you even more of a reason to get out there and ride! The Top 3 Riders with the most mileage logged will win an exclusive, official H-D 120 Ride Challenge Coin.

Roll in on the motorcycle you'll be cruising the most, and our MotorClothes Associates or Marketing Team will get your first mileage reading taken care of. Remember, to be included in the challenge, you must complete this step by Saturday, September 9th at 4 PM. 

After you do that, get rollin'! See the places, do the things, and enjoy the ride. You want to put on as many miles as you can before the end of the month. 

You can log your final mileage reading anytime throughout the month of September, but the last day to get your your odometer read for the challenge is Saturday, September 30 at 4PM.

Not completing your final odometer reading by the specified time will knock you right on out of the challenge. So, put a reminder on your fridge or jot it on your calendar.

Both mileage readings must be conducted at the dealership.

Winners will be announce on Wednesday, October 4th. Good luck and ride safe!