110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 65

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 65

Joe was quite the entrepreneur as the dealership also once sold candy that according to a story in the April 17th 1916 edition of the Freeport Daily Bulletin was stolen!


The Kegel motorcycle shop in South Galena avenue was entered during the night, presumably by boys, according to a theory of the police department. Between $4 and $5 was taken from the cash register. Mr. Kegel, in connection with the motorcycle business, carries a line of confectionery, and a part of the stock was carried away. Entrance was gained through a coal chute into the cellar and from thence to the first floor.

Vandals did damage to the canvass of the roller skiing rink, cutting long slashes in a number of places. The back door was pried open last night but investigation shown that nothing was disturbed inside the rink

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