110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 75

Concluding #365daysofkegelhd where yesterday's 1st of 2 Freeport iNK articles left off...

"But hey, when it comes to who wears the crown of World's Oldest Dealership, there's no room for two and second place just doesn't count. Kegel wasn't gonna take any usurping from anyone.

"He was promoting himself as the world's oldest, and we end a stop to that," says Sheley, laughing. "But we still had to prove we were the first."

By providing copies of Kegel's 1911 advertisements from Freeport's newspapers (Freeport had three newspapers at the time) Kegel was able to prove it had been selling Harley-Davidsons three years before the San Francisco dealership.

"We are the undisputed world's oldest Harley-Davidson dealership," says Sheley.

So, why the big fuss over finding a newspaper clipping that might show Kegel took delivery of Harley-Davidsons in 1910?

Well, now that the Kegel family has seen a newspaper clipping that shows the company was in business even earlier than they thought, they want to be able to claim the correct date as the date the business was established.

Sheley says she is hoping the person who brought the clippin gin will learn of her search and bring the clipping in again.

Anyone with information about the photo should contact Sheley at Kegel Motorcycle Company at 815-332-7125.*

*we are still on the hunt for the clipping in question. While Sheley is no longer with the company, our marketing team and of course any of the Kegel family would MUCH appreciate seeing the clipping if anyone happens upon it!

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