110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 83

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 83

Today we share a fun little blurb from the Feb 20, 1915 edition of the Freeport Daily Bulletin!

Joseph Kegel and Company, located at 44 South Galena avenue, stand out prominently as the leading motorcycle shop in the city. Mr. Kegel is the head of the company and it was through his business ability that the firm has been brought to the high standard of efficiency which it has attained.

The company has the sole agency for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Racycle and the Colonial Bicycles in Stephenson county. They have been in business over five years, and the business which was rather small five years ago has grown by leaps and bounds until it has become the largest motorcycle repair shop in this city. It is the headquarters of the members of the Motorcycle club.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is considered to be among the best high grade machines which are manufactured. The machine is equipped with all the latest devices including an electric headlight.

The Kegel company also has the agency for the Goodrich motorcycle and bicycle tires. All kids of repair work to motorcycles and bicycles are made at the shop.

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