110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 89

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 89


The name "Kegel" has become almost synonymous with "cycles" through the past 28 years during which there has been a Kegel shop in Freeport. The first Kegel company was located at the north-west corner of South Galena avenue and W. Spring street, in 1904, and in 1910 Harley Davidson motorcycles were added to the line of bicycles that were carried as well as all childrens' wheeled goods.

In 1917 the Kegels, Joseph and Julius, moved across the street and remained there until 1928. Julius Kegel, in the mean time, purchased his brother's interests and has conducted the business since 1923. In 1928 the firm moved to its present quarters at 14 West Spring street. As the entrance to the shop is through two adjoining buildings, the place has been called "Kegel's Motorcycle Alley."

Besides being agents for Harley-Davidsons, the Kegel shop does a large amount of light repair work on bicycles, lawnmowers, etc., and is equipped to do all kids of other repair jobs.

The company also supplies the motorcycles for the country delivery of Journal-Standards, 6 motorcycles equiped with side cars, caring for this work.

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