110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Book - Day 107

110th Anniversary Look Book - Day 107

Today for #365daysofkegelHD we share this throwback to our 100th anniversary Open House celebration, as covered in the April 5-6, 2012 Rockford Labor News!

"Kegel's (Harley-Davidson, of course)
A Once-in-a-Century Celebration

It was t he start of a 2012 year-long celebration when these photos were made at the centennial-themed open house at Kegel Harley-Davidson, Rockford - the world's oldest family-owned Harley dealership.

On hand (top-left photo) at the time photographer Hal Sutton visited the 100 year event were Julie Kegel with daughter Katrina and their dog Toby. At top-right are Mark Kegel and Karl Kegel, now president of Rockford's long-enduring motorcycle business.

Center photo-guests enjoying tasty snacks and beverage. In lower photo are a few of the parked Harleys that carried avid rider and several generations to the historic anniversary event.

It was in the pre-World War 1 year of 1912 when business founder, the late Joe Kegel, became a Harley dealer at his Freeport cycle shop, prior to opening Rockford Cycle Sales Co., for so many memorable years located at 110 N. Madison St. (phone: Main 957). That's the place today's Labor News editor bought his first pre-owned 1926 Harley one lunger from Joe followed by purchase of a rip-snortin' 1929 twin Harley 74.

Joe Kegel was a hands-on repair service/mechanic in addition to handling sales and office operations.

That early model (now antique) Harley in left vertical scene is a 1920 model that was still on the drawing boards when Joe was first active with the American made, union made Harleys.

The Kegel dealership with its many sponsored community events has brought wide recognition to Rockford. As Kegel marketing/events guru Theresa Sellers succinctly summarizes: one family, one company, one hundred years.

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