110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 114

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 114


Large Crowd of Fans Sees Events: Bill Jesssup Winner

More than sixteen hundred spectators experienced many thrills Sunday afternoon in a series of of motorcycle races staged by the Freeport Motorcycle club and held over a course .6 of a mile long, laid out at Brown's grove, three miles south of Freeport, in Silver Creek township.

The specially-built course included many obstacles not usually found by riders in this kind of competition and included two creek crossings which called for skill and ability of the racers in negotiating the hazards and furnished plenty of action and excitement for riders and spectators alike.

Prizes of $50 for the final event and $20 for the consolation, found eight entrants competing in each of these events, which resulted in "ding-dong" finishes that might have been recorded by camera had they taken place on a horse race track.

The Winner

When judges placed the winners in the final event the summary and prizes were announced as follows: William Jessup, Freeport, Ill., first, $20; "Chuck" Meyers, Madison, Wis. second, $15; Walter Fordell, Rockford, third, $10; George Molander, Rockford, fourth, $5.

The race was one which Jessup, the winner, had no intention of entering until prevailed upon by members of the club to give Freeport an entry. Leaving the starting line in sixth position, Jessup trailed the first five racers until three laps from the tape when he moved into third position and took the lead during the last lap to make a close finish.

In the consolation race the placings were as follows: Gordan Pittinger, Mt. Morris, first, $10; William Oakford, Dixon, second, $5; Myron Davies, Mt. Morris, third, $3; Don Klein, Rockford, fourth, $2.

Trouble With Hazards

A number of riders had trouble in making the two water hazards and when in mid-stream where showered with water by the racers flashing by and lost ground through motor trouble. Two of the riders locked handle bars after reaching the opposite bank and their machines over-turned. The course led through the creek and jagged among trees and a gully which slowed down the riders in making the descent of a hill before turning into the straight-away all of which necessitated skill and riding ability that gave the audience many exciting moments.

A hill climbing contest at Kenosha, Wis., prevented many entrants from Wisconsin territory from competing here, and with the counter attraction of a rodeo at Pecatonica the field was not as large as had been anticipated. If sanction of the American Motorcycle Association can be obtained for another race on Sunday, Sept. 12, it is expected that an unusually large list of entries will be received.

Wins Silver Trophy

In addition to the cash prizes in the final event the silver trophy cup awarded by the A.M.A. was given to William Jessup.

Robert Stebor, 23, of Elkador, Ia., who had entered the races was prevented from participating on account of severe lacerations and bruises suffered while en route to Freeport early yesterday morning, when his machine was crowded off the highway. He was give treatment at St. Francis hospital for his injuries.

The success of the event was due largely to the efforts of officers of the local association, who are: Karl Singer, president; Julius Kegel, secretary; and Orland Pfile, treasurer. William Brown, owner of the grove co-operated with the local club in making possible a course which added thrills to the events.

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