110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 121

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 121


Motorcycle Club's Party.

The members of the Freeport Motorcycle club assembled at their club rooms Friday night and held an old fashioned dance and social time. There were about eighty present and all who were assembled seemed to enjoy themselves. The dancing started at 9 o'clock and the jolly members of the club skipped the light fantastic until the early hours in the morning. A programme was rendered consisting of singing, music and hypnotic stunts, Joseph Kegel was the supreme hypnotizer and in a few minutes after he started to work on the members of the club he had them all under his control. After having the bunch hypnotized he ordered one of them to eat pie. Being under a hypnotic spell of course the young man could do nothing but obey, and he started to work on a custard pie in a manner that showed that he was really hypnotized, and if Prefessor Kegel had not stopped him when he did the chances are that there would have been no pie for the supper. The professor had quite a time bringing the young man outo f the spell, as there was about ten pies in sight and as long as he was hypnotized he was at liberty to eat pie as the professor had ordered him. When the other members of the club saw the cornered wedges of pie disappearing they all loudly clamored that he should be brought out of the hypnotic state. After professor Kegel brought the young man back to his normal state, the one who was hypnotized did not feel any bad effects from being in the hypnotic condition but he did not have much of an appetite for supper. After the hypnotic stunts had been pulled off dancing was indulged in. Mogle's orchestra furnished music for the dance. At 11 o'clock a delicious supper was served to all who were present.

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