110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 125

Did any of you go on the Juvenile Diabetes Thunder Run back in 2016 when Governor (at the time) Rauner rode with us?


As WIFR reported:http://mvnt.us/m1311226

"Dozens of motorcycles ride through the Stateline to help raise money for a condition that affects thousands of children across the country.

Governor Bruce Rauner is just one of hundreds of riders in this year's Juvenile Diabetes Thunder Run in Rockford. The event raises money for children who suffer from juvenile diabetes which is also known as type one diabetes. It's a condition where the pancreas produces very little or no insulin at all.

Andrew Juric suffers from type one diabetes. He says he hopes events like this one could one day find a cure.

"I wouldn't have to have a pump or CGM on my body all the time," says Juric. "Sometimes those things get in the way of doing other things and then I can do those things and then I can just eat food without having to take insulin."

Juric says his CGM tests his blood sugar and sometimes holds him back from swimming or rock climbing.

Right now there's no cure for juvenile diabetes but treatment can make life easier for kids."

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