110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 147

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 147


Edward Kegel Thrown from Motorcycle.

Edward Kegel was badly shaken up and slightly injured otherwise this afternoon when a motorcycle upon which he was riding and an automobile collided at the corner of South Galena avenue and Galena street shortly after 1 o'clock.

When the machines crashed together, the motorcycle rider was thrown beneath the wheels of the automobile and one of the wheels passed ovr his right leg. The motorcycle was reduced to a mass of scrap iron and pieces were thrown in various directions as a results of the crash.

That Kegel was not seriously injured or killed seemed a miracle as both the motorcycle and rider and the driver of the car were going at a rapid rate of speed at the time. It appears that the accident was the fault of the automobile driver as Kegel was going north on South Galena avenue at the time and was on the east side of the street. When he reached the corner of Galena street and south Galena avenue, the automobile dashed around the corner on the east side of Galena avenue, headed in a southerly direction. The proper course for the auto to have taken would have been the west side of South Galena avenue, while going in a southerly direction, and if this had been done, the accident would have been averted.

The auto was in charge of a young boy, who stopped the machine after running over Kegel. When he saw that the motorcycle driver was not seriously injured he jumped into the automobile and continued on his juorney south without givng his name.

Kegel was taken to the office of Drs. Arnold and Pettepiece where his injuries were dressed by Dr. Pettepiece.

It was found upon examination that there were no bones broken, but the young man had been badly bruised about the body and limbs.

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