110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 165

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 165

Dear Ron,
After much discussion, a policy decision has been reached regarding the dealers requested use of biggest, baddest, oldest, newest, etc on their dealership T-shirts. There are two dealers that have been proven through archival research to be the oldest Harley-Davidson dealers. The oldest family-owned Harley-Davidson dealership is #1104 Kegels in Rockford, Il., The oldest Harley-Davidson corporation owned dealership is #3703 A.D. Farrow Co. in Columbus, OH. These are the only two dealerships who have permission to legitimately claim the oldest Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Please be informed that if dealers approach your organization requesting to included statements proclaiming other information such as: Biggest dealer West of the Mississippi, or Older dealer in Southern Ca., or Largest dealer in Texas, please inform them it is not allowed. Only documented, long term claims will be considered. If the dealer has a very strong opinion in opposition to the policy, please let me know and a Harley-Davidson representative will contact them directly to resolve the matter.

If you require any additional information regarding the matter please contact me.

David Puder
Manager, Trademark Licensing

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