110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 212

In a previous #365dayofkegelhd post we shared an article about Kegel regular & infamous Motor Maid Ethel Voy. Today we share a photo spread she put together for the Rockford Labor News in 1995, covering the 22nd Annual Old Motorcycle Riders Reunion titled "Through A Lot Of Years On Two Wheels" - do you recognize any of these folks?

Top Left- MORE PRECIOUS EACH YEAR... the reunion picnic combines great food and friends who delight in the Old Motorcycle Riders' event while remembering fondly the names of those on a growing list who no longer attend. Left to right: Wally Breon, 76, on a 1967 BMW; Bud Nicholas, 64, on a 1936 Harley-Davidson with side car; Art Buskie, 83, on a 1929 Indian Scout; and Paul Meyer, 3, on a 1947 Indian Chief.

Top Right- "OLD" HARLEY RIDERS... Tom Dean rides a 1956 Harley Davidson (left) owned by Don O'Brien, who strides his 1940 Harley "61." Bob Nordvall's 1958 Harley pan head (right) is a 98 percent original.

2nd Row Left- A FAMILY AFFAIR... Ethel Voy is shown above with (left to right) John Schleick, Cathy and Don Tarro. Ethel bought her first motorcycle in 1947. John is a 72-year-old World War II veteran infantryman - still riding. Cathy began riding with mom Ethel, at the age of six. The mother-daughter duo and Cathy's husband Don have toured to the Sturgis, S. Dakota Rally twice in the past four years.

2nd Row Right- MEETING ON ROUTE 66... Honda riders (left to right) Tom Montana, Clyde (Red) Waters, Darrell Malay, Ed Wood and Chuck Bead remember a chance meeting on Route 66 in 1954. Waters was motoring to Rockford from California by car when he recognized four cycles parked on Main St. in Winslow, Arizona - the friends of 40 years ago, he still rides with today.

3rd Row Left- WHAT'S STURGIS? As the T-shirt proclaims, Sturgis, S. Dakota is the rallying place and a favorite ride for these cyclists who have made the trip together more than a few times.

3rd Row Right- SEPTUAGENARIAN RIDERS... show above began a love affair with motorcycles during the 1920's and 30's. Have they seen some changes in equipment over the years? Perhaps a few.

Bottom Left- MOTORCYCLE WEDDING?... not quite, but the above ladies helped raise money to build the clubhouse, which is suitable for wedding receptions, on 27-acres of land. Every member of the club donated skills or funds to make it the best possible clubhouse back in the 1950's.

Front row (left to right): Kathy Mead, Fran Carter, Lil Bonacquisti, June Runyard and Louise Paxton. Middle row: Doris Lusk, Marianne Corrigan, Betty Tuman, Angie White, Pauline Knox, Doris Buskie and Diana Bowman. Back row: Jackie Davis, Roberta Malthe, Barb Wood and Helen Zeller.

Bottom Right- NEVER TOO LATE... these gray bearded "youngsters" didn't discover cycles until the 1940's and 50's.

Front row (left to right): Zane Carter, Bobbie Lusk, Murray Pfeil, Rick Nelson. Middle row: Dave Voy, Paul Meyer, Jim White, Bob Runyard, George Paxton and Relton Moore. Top Row: Lyle Corrigan, James Borchert, Jack Fox and Ben Kelly.

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