110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 227

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 227

Here's a blurb, from the Aug 10, 1930 Rockford Sunday Republic about the New '31s!

Kegel Showing New Motorcycle Models

Announcement of the new 1931 models of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles was made Saturday,  by Joe Kegel, owner of the Rockford Cycle Sales Co., at 110-12 N. Madison st. Considerable attention has been aroused in the large cities with the first presentation, due to many new features of this year's model.

Large single headlight, disc horn, polished metal chromium plating, no-back pressure muffler, and a number of other features characterize the new cycle.

Expectation of an even greater popularity of the new and improved model is awaited by the Harley-Davidson Co. Mr. Kegel points to the activity of the motorcycling organizations throughout the country as being largely responsible for increased popularity of this means of transportation.

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