110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 324

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to last night's Champagne Party and helped make it a success!

For today's #365daysofkegelhd we throwback to a write-up that the Rockford Labor News wrote after the inaugural event, held in 1984:

The folks at Kegel Motorcycle Company, 3833 Auburn st., invited area motorcycling enthusiasts to attend a gala pre-holiday champagne and cheese party to help get them in the spirit of the annual Christmas shopping season.

To assist their special customers with their shopping lists, Kegel's had on hand an array of gift ides - ranging all the way from newest model Harley-Davidsons and BMW's to custom leather goods, clothing, cycling accessories and jewelry.

Photos made during the shoppers' party show:
Top Left - a happy couple getting the "feel" of a new Harley; Top Center - Bob Kegel as he points out for shoppers the features of a new bike; Top Right - Sandra Heim as she checks selection of warm winter wear;

Bottom Left - [Karl] Kegel as he talks motorcycling with party-goers; Bottom Center - Paul Kegel (right) and party guest George Mays; Bottom Right - Kegel sales staffer [Carole] Egler, smiling as she gets playful, mistletoe-season kiss from biker Rich Rivera.

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