110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 353

Continuing with yesterday's Bob Sled Experiment #kegel365 post, Grandpa Joe's extraordinary feat was also mentioned in 2 other newspapers!

From the Jan 23, 1912 Freeport Journal-Standard:

Little Machine Shows Marvelous Pulling Power

That the owners of motorcycles in this city are endeavering to outdo one another in clever stunts is shown by the recent feats performed by some of the local motorcyclists. Sunday afternoon a cutter was attached to a motorcycle and was drawn through the streets of the city. This morning Joseph Kegel with a 4-horse power 1909 Harley-Davidson motorcycle drew an oscillating bobsled, fully equipped, and loaded with five persons, each weighing at least 150 pounds, through the slushy streets. This is an exceptional feat to be performed by a motorcycle, and it demonstrates the strength of the machines. The demonstration was made on South Galena avenue and Spring street.

And then in the Feb 22, 1912 issue of the Freeport Daily Journal:

Says F.A.M. Regarding Motorcycle Stunt.

The current bulletin issued by the Federation of American Motorcyclists contains the following item relative to a feat performed by Joe Kegel, of this city:

Joe Kegel, of Freeport, Ill., recently hitched his motorcycle to a bobsled and the two-wheeler just "walked away" with it.

Other notes of Illinois motorcyclists included in the bulletin are the following:

Harrison Tetlow, of Elgin, Ill., has equipped his motorcycle with skates and says he enjoys "coasting" and "skating" on the ice.

With $200,000 in the state treasury of Illinois for the improvement of public roads the motorcyclists in that state are deploring the fact that the last legislature failed to make any provision for its expenditure. No action will now be taken until 1913.

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