110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 273

For today's #365daysofkegelhd here's a throwback article that appeared in a 1941 edition of the Rockford Morning Star with some sound advice from Grandpa Joe that can still be kept in mind today!

Reduced Prices On All Used Models

"This is the time of year to buy a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle," Joseph Kegel, owner-manager of Rockford Cycle Sales company, 110-112 North Madison street, said yesterday.

Rockford Cycle Sales company is showing a complete stock of used models which Kegel said are selling for reduced prices.

Instead of waiting until next spring to buy a machine, when they are scarce and prices are higher, Kegel urged purchases to be made this fall. "the buyer will have all winter to pay for the machine and we will store it for him without charge," Kegel said.

The fall months also constitute the finest riding season. Machines used all summer should be taken to the shop for inspection. Kegel specializes in the repair and overhauling of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

He said the machines on hand, in all models, are in excellent condition. All have been rebuilt and put into first-class operation condition. "It will pay a person to buy a machine this fall, even though he doesn't plan to use it much until next spring," Kegel stated.

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