Ride and Seek

Ride and Seek

Ride & Seek with Kegel Harley-Davidson this summer and you could win prizes in our Weekly Wednesday Giveaway!


How Does One "Ride & Seek" You Ask?

1. First, stop into the dealership at 7125 Harrison Ave. Rockford, IL 61112 starting on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 during Bike Night through Wednesday, September 25, 2024 and fill out a FREE registration form. You only need to fill out the registration form once but please write clearly to ensure delivery of information.

Please Note: In order to participate in Ride & Seek you will need to have your own cell phone capable of taking selfies and sending/receiving SMS text messages with an active service provider - cell phones WILL NOT be provided by Kegel Harley-Davidson. Date & Messaging rates may also apply.

2. Starting on Thursday, May 9, 2024 registered participants will receive a weekly text message from Kegel Harley-Davidson with a clue. This clue, once solved, will send you to a stateline area location. Some locations are businesses (some of which may serve alcohol which you must be 21+ to consume - please drink responsibly), others are landmarks. Once you reach the clue's destination take a selfie there and text it along with the name of the location back to the number that sent you the clue. If you are correct you will receive a confirmation response shortly; If wrong you you will be notified within 24 hours and are welcome to ride elsewhere and try again. All entries must be submitted before 4pm the following Tuesday to be counted (ie: May 14, 2024 for the 1st week). Only 1 entry will be counted per participant - if you are riding and seeking with others, each person needs to be registered and then submit their own entry regardless if they are in your selfie with you.

3. Each Wednesday (ie: May 15, 2024) a participant will be drawn from all the correct entries received that week and given a prize! While these may be drawn on Facebook Live, winners will also be contacted via the phone number they signed up with. Prizes vary and include items donated from sponsors, vendors, area businesses that are participating in Ride & Seek, and more! Prizes and winners will be shared to this page and updated weekly once Ride & Seek begins! Winners will have 2 weeks to collect their prize unless other arrangements have been made (ie: you're out of town and have let us know you can't pick up your prize within the 2 week time frame).

3c63756166b01cb209e8ccd3ddf1e1e4_0659175b71d3dde3.jpgRide & Seek Lanyards Available for
Registered Participants While Supplies Last!
4. And then it starts over again on Thursday! Clues will only be sent out on Thursdays so if you've registered for Ride & Seek while here on a Friday or Saturday you will receive your first clue the following Thursday when the cycle starts over. Entries do not stack and are cleared each week so everyone has an equal chance at winning the weekly drawing - if you're really good at seeking and are a regular weekly participant you may even win more than once this summer!

Please remember - you only need to register for Ride & Seek once to participate and will begin receiving weekly texts from Kegel H-D on Thursdays.

You will have the option to Opt Out of receiving texts, however keep in mind you will no longer receive the weekly clue if you do so during the promotion.

TLDR Timeline:

  • Thursday- Weekly Ride & Seek Clue is sent out via text message from Kegel H-D
  • Tuesday- Your entry (selfie and location name) for the week MUST be received by 4pm in order to be counted
  • Wednesday- Weekly Winner Drawn from correct entries

If you are having difficulty with submitting your entries please reach out to Rachel in the Kegel H-D Marketing & Events Office at rachel@kegelhd.com

Also, if you are already signed up for Ride & Seek and HAVE NOT received a clue by Friday, please message 815-580-8812 (the number that sent you the welcome message and any previous clues) as we have recently learned that some cell phone providers are flagging the clues as Spam and not delivering them.

Thank you to Law Tigers for sponsoring this riding promotion. Thank you as well to DRAG Specialties, Liberty Wear, SGI Apparel, Hair Glove, ACE Branded Products, Head2Toe, Athalon, Leather Accessories, Tori Richards Brand, Heavy Metal Jewelry and all the businesses who are participating and have donated items for the Weekly Wednesday Giveaways (which will be revealed throughout the promotion so as to not give away answers to the weekly clues!).

Week 1 (May 9-15)
Clue Destination: Sledgehammer's (Oregon, IL)
Winner(s) & Prize:
556361b4e304e175d5ec6acf9f5c4a57_333b46e5765ecb73.jpg1st Prize
Michael Kenney - Muc-Off Giftset
3c3da8d8a19dcc16af21c98c3ab3dc4e_a961cd489b7674ed.jpg2nd Prize
Doug McKenney - Law Tiger plush
f565261131d7010dff2679930bdb20f2_0b7a12367c119ead.jpg3rd Prize
Kandy Jones - "Pick Your Prize" Chest

Week 2 (May 16-22)
Clue Destination: Bobber's Tap (Winslow, IL)
Winner & Prize:
be5b8766c164688642f53408984c059b_027517174a4abc4f.jpgDan Williams - H-D® Branded Water-Resistant Duffle Bag by Athalon

Week 3 (May 23-29)
Clue Destination: Benny's @ Nest (Machesney Park, IL)
Winner(s) & Prize: Gary Hassler & Doug McKenny each won a $25 Gift Cards to Benny's in Roscoe

Week 4 (May 30-June 5)
Clue Destination: Rockford Rivets Stadium, (Rockford, IL)
Winner & Prize:
c6d1f3ea1a74133686105ff0d3c903e2_fa44aadc8057f523.jpgSarah Sweet won a set of Vouchers and a Parking Pass to an Upcoming Rockford Rivets Game plus a Cheap Trick Bobblehead, all courtesy of The Rockford Rivets  

Week 5 (June 6-12)
Clue Destination: Idle Hour (Mount Morris, IL)
Winner & Prize:
ac24345b7cc0ba5e2014b34a879996ff_ac52bdd163e69d9d.jpgBrad Ahlgren won a Bucket of Goodies
provided by Idle Hour

Week 6 (June 13-19)
Clue Destination: Psycho Silo (Langley, IL)
Winner & Prize:
2b4e2c3d1b0bb44e33e97fc2d87ed41d_5c243faaf13308d6.jpgMeredith Robbins - Drag Specialties & Optimate1 Prize Pack

Week 7 (June 20-26)
Clue Destination: Mortimer's Roadhouse (Poplar Grove)
Winners & Prize:
2f4f9f270fbc1dc8257becb5f1aba59a_2327241e644b2693.jpgBike Chain Bracelets
Courtesy of Heavy Metal Jewelry

Brenda Aylesworth
Susie Bottoms
Gary Hassler
Coty Sweet
Jeffrey Sweet
Sarah Sweet

Week 8 (June 27-July 3)
Clue Destination: Route No. 73 Brew & Chew (Pearl City, IL)
Winner & Prize:
c3588c89b75e8c44c40069c008f61a20_db7378efc8199111.jpgMarcus Wood won goodies
donated by Route No. 73 Brew & Chew

Week 9 (July 4-10)
Clue Destination: The Symbol at Sinnissippi Bike Path (Rockford, IL)
Winner & Prize:
42d8dbce5c552aa84ff26bd87520d101_00d285a34cdde0be.jpgSteve Bubb won an Optimate kickstand puck, Law Tiger plush and H-D® Branded Helmet Bag courtesy of Athalon

Week 10 (July 11-17)
Clue Destination: Double-O Saloon (Monroe Center, IL)
Winner & Prize: Tom Bottoms - Double-O  Saloon Gift Basket

Week 11 (July 18-24)
Clue: "Whether you’re listening to tunes in The Room or The Lot this stop just up over our Northern border will have you feeling like you’re visiting an old train yard!"
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 12 (July 25-31)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 13 (August 1-7)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 14 (August 8-14)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 15 (August 15-21)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 16 (August 22-28)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 17 (August 29-September 4)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 18 (September 5-11)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 19 (September 12-18)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 20 (September 19-25)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA

Week 21 (September 26-October 2)
Clue Destination: TBA
Winner & Prize: TBA