110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 283

Today we throwback to that time Karl received the Rock River H.O.G. 2001 Dedicated Rider award as part of the Miles and Days Ridden program!

It states:

Let it be known that as the holder of this Patch and Certificate you were dedicated enough to ride at least 8000 miles and/or 150 days during in this Two Thousandth and First Year in the Ninety Eighth Year of Harley Davidson. And also interested enough in this club to participate in the Miles and Days ridden. These are no easy tasks in Northern Illinois. It should be noted that on at least a few of these days you were riding in what can be considered less than fair weather. So wear your patch with pride, and to show others your love for a hobby/sport that has become a way of life with you.

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