110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 289

Today's #kegel365 post comes once again from our April 2001 Kegel Motorcycle publication!

The article reads:
The Personal Touch Makes the Difference

It's tough to talk to a real, live person these days. In many businesses - including motorcycle dealerships - all callers are routed into an automated maze of choices, and then they often end up leaving a voice mail in hopes that someone will call them back. Not at Kegel Motorcycle. "The personal touch is important to us," says President Karl Kegel. "Your dealership is an extension of yourself and your people. We thought about an automated system, and everybody here thought that was way too impersonal. I never say never, but right now we would rather have customers talk to a real live person."

While Kegel Motorcycle is a dynamic, high-tech dealership, the entire team works hard to relate to customers in a warm, low-tech, personal way. "Staying in touch with people is important," Kegel said. "Our store makes a powerful statement when you come in. It's very modern looking, but our retro-styled diner goes the other way. We wanted that difference, and it seems to work out very well."

If Kegel Motorcycle has learned anything over the past 90 years, it's how to deal with customers. "Motorcycles are still something you have to do personally. People want some enjoyment out of the process. You have to do more than give them the product and shove them out the door," says Kegel. "You not only have to sell customer on your product, you have to sell them on your store, and it takes good people to do that. You're constantly selling."

Kegel is obviously proud of his dealership and all that is has to offer. "We have a lot for our customers - new and used motorcycles, motorclothes and lifestyle products, parts and accessories, a complete service department, home furnishings, Kidzword and a diner right inside our dealership. It's a truly unique shopping experience."

The good news for area bikers is that Kegel Motorcycle plans to keep selling, keep growing, and keep treating their customers with that personal touch. After all, this approach has worked very well for them since 1910.

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