110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 308

Today and tomorrow's #kegel365 posts kind of go together and you'll soon see why...

In the June 2, 1909 edition of The Daily Journal it was reported that Mr. Joeseph Redlinger (who owned the original Freeport store) was the area Harley-Davidson agent!

"It is with pleasure that we call the attention of our readers to the business of Mr. Redlinger, who occupies commodious quarters fully equipped with a large line of bicycles, motorcycles, and sundries, enabling him to carry on an extensive business in a most expeditious manner.

He is the agent here in Freeport of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and of the "Racycle," the "rambler" and the "Imperial" bicycles, all of which are popular machines, and with all of which he has a driving trade.

Mr. Redlinger was born and raised here, and established this business in 1899, his location being at 45 South Galena avenue. He is a thorough-going business man, and what he doesn't know about the machines he handles is scarcely worth considering.

Alvin Redlinger is manager, and is also a popular and efficient worker.

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