110th Anniversary Look Back

110th Anniversary Look Back - Day 352

Those of you who attended last month's Champagne Party may recall reading about today's #kegel365 post where Grandpa Joe pulled several men on a bobsled with a 1909 "chug-chug machine"!

As written in the January 23, 1912 Freeport Daily Bulletin:

Joseph Kegel's Experiment with Motorcycle.

Stirred to emulation by the story in yesterday's Bulletin of a man who hitched a motorcycle to a cutter and drove around town, Joseph Kegel this morning determined to go him several better. He hitched one of his chug-chug machines to a bob sled and just as he was starting off five men who were watching the experiment jumped aboard. The motorcycle drew the bob and its heavy load seven or eight blocks at a good rate of speed, and the sledding was much poorer than it was yesterday, the January thaw having made inroads upon it.

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