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December 06, 2023

Buying Experience

Brad was my salesman and you couldn't ask for a more personable person. He went above and beyond to meet all my needs and the whole staff experience after buying my Harley was exceptional.

Michael, Manorville NEW YORK

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September 09, 2023


I live in the far west suburbs of Chicago. I purchased my new 2014 SGS In August of 14' I've had almost the same amount of $$ in up grades and add-ons that ! paid for the bike, I only allow Harley Technicians work on my Bike, so to say its been in the the shop a lot in the past 9 years. I live approximately equal distances from 3 Harley dealerships all owned by the same corporation. 2 out of the 3 were dishonest with me. The one shop that I did end up being happy with just recently made internal changes and all the personal ( service & technicians) I trusted left. So finding a trusted shop again meant I needed to travel. I happened to be out in Rockford on a Thursday looking at a Job estimate and decided to stop into KEGAL HARLEY DAVIDSON.... I had unfinished work that needed to be completed that was started at a Harley shop In St. Charles. they had the bike for 3 1/2 weeks for an stereo issue and rear lid speakers to install. on Thursday I told them I was coming to get the bike finished or not on Saturday, only the lid speakers were installed no wiring done or the radio not working. entering into Kegal HD i first meet with Derrick at the parts counter. I was looking to upgrade my tool kit. He was very helpful in showing me the different types. We got chatting about my issue I was having and informed me KENT was now working there from Woodstock he then directed me to the Service dept.were I met JOE, TONY, KYLE and just by chance KENT was standing there also, I had heard Kent was the AUDIO GURU. we talked and I felt immediately comfortable with his knowledge with my Audio issue. after our talk I turned and asked JOE to set up an appointment KYLE asked if I could bring it in next Tuesday, I was taken back that they could schedule me so quick, dropped off bike on Tues. after having a couple conversations with KENT I decided to up grade me Head unit with the ROCKFORD FOSGATE. I ordered the unit had it sent next day so Kent could install it while my bike was still on the stand. What most impressed me was they took every call and took time to make sure I was satisfied, and when I needed to talk to KENT he would return my call Expeditiously. Bike was finished on that Friday morning. other than the bike being fixed so quickly I felt the close knit family oriented shop, hospitality, and a Quality of professionalism above all. THANK YOU to KENT, JOE, TONY, KYLE. and the entire service dept.

Jody Ott, Hampshire IL

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June 01, 2023


Brad was a great salesman very personable very knowledgeable always had a smile on his face and can’t answer every question I had

Randy, Rockton ILLINOIS

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May 24, 2023

Best Sales Experience Ever

I have been riding for over 50 years., and the last three motorcycles I have owned have been Harley-Davidsons. Thanks to Kegel's sales team, yesterday I realized my ultra dream and picked up a 2023 Tri Glide Ultra Limited Trike. The team made the transaction quick and painless, and I received a great deal for my trade, and financing that fit my budget as a semi-retiree. The service team quickly moved my accessories from my Ultra Limited and new discounted accessories to the new trike. For the past 20 years, Kegels has always made me feel special when I go to their store, and this experience was equally exceptional.

Michael, Rockford IL

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May 08, 2023

Above and Beyond

They went out of their way to get the motorcycle that I want. Excellent service from exceptional people.


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November 13, 2022

If you're even thinking about getting into motorcycles read this!

I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life and thought it would be worth the adventure, so I signed up for the motorcycle class at the dealership with my husband (he's driven motorcycles most of his life but it had been a while so he decided on a refresher). The instructors (Brian and Karla) were phenomenal! They were both personable, patient and informative all while keeping everyone safe and the class moving. I went from never having thrown my leg over a bike to driving in a matter of hours. I cannot speak highly enough about these two and the class the dealership sponsors. I was still not confident enough to take the test and Stan called me multiple times to offer me additional practice time since I wasn't quite ready for the bike we had purchased.
My husband and I decided on buying our own bike and Cheeks was the ultimate professional enthusiast. He patiently answered all our questions, gave us suggestions on different bikes and even took the time to tell me which bikes would be suitable for me. We ended up purchasing a bike and through the whole process the dealership proved to be one of the best purchasing experiences we've ever had. We were having some additional parts put on the bike and even though we hadn't specified, they did what was right for us (the customer) by installing the parts that would match the bike appropriately and not the cheapest parts they could find.
When we brought the bike to store for the winter, the service department was also amazing. They took care of us the moment we walked in and were polite and engaging the whole time.
The whole experience has proven this dealership is run by enthusiasts who want to share their love of motorcycles with their customers. It's infectious and wonderful in a world full of 'take a number' type service centers. If you're even thinking of getting into the community, make the trip to this dealership. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Sarah, Rockford IL

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August 05, 2022

Fantastic people

In the middle of a road trip with my twin brother somewhere east of Freeport Illinois my 2001 Deuce just stopped running. Called the service department & they dispatched a truck & trailer within minutes. Less than an hour later my bike was in the technician’s capable hands. My brother & I took advantage of the restaurant at the dealer & enjoyed a delicious meal. Before we could finish the service department had repaired the bike, bad aftermarket battery, they installed a new Harley-Davidson gel battery, checked charging system & away I went . Very happy, pleased & grateful. Great people. Thank you.
Bought bike with new battery & never gave in a second thought. It’s on a battery tender when parked. Moral of story, Stick with OE Harley-Davidson parts. Again turned a really lousy situation into nothing more than a “ bump in the road “ ?

Kevin, Winfield ILLINOIS

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July 23, 2022


Due to health issues, I decided to sell my 2017 Ultra Limited.
Several thousands of extra dollars were spent at the Dekalb dealership and when I offered the bike to them, they expected me to give it to them.
I called Kegel’s and talked to Johnny and he said to let them take a look at it.
We agreed on a price and when they wrote the check, it was for more than what I had asked for!
These are extremely nice people, not like what I was accustomed to dealing with.
Any money I spend going forward will be at Kegel Harley Davidson.

David, Dekalb ILLINOIS

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May 23, 2022

Best Experience

Drove 7.5 hours to pick up my first Harley-Davidson from Kegel. It was well worth the trip. It was just as described and beautiful. Rich, my salesman, made the whole experience awesome! I am still raving about the experience to my friends and family. The attached diner is great and serves some of the best food anywhere. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone. You have to eat at Johnny Pamcakes while you're there it is worth it. Everyone at Kegel was friendly and happy to help my wife and I. Truly a great experience that I will never forget. Joe in finance was also a terrific person to deal with. I have had many less than stellar experiences with other finance people at other places but Joe was great. I rode the 7.5 hours trip back home that same day and it was truly breathtaking how refined the new Harley's are compared to my other motorcycle. The 114 engine is tremendous. If you are looking for a dealership that will make it special, within reason of course, this is the place!

Andy, Clarksville TN

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May 13, 2022

Good Guys

What a laid back pleasant buying experience! Fair price, No pressure and honest. We shopped Woodstock Harley and then came back to Rockford. Totally different experiences. Woodstock plays the "Let me ask my manager game". Woodstock Harley is seriously overpriced. It was almost like they didn't want to sell a bike. We walked into Kegels, looked at a few bikes and were casually greeted buy guys that answered questions with no pressure. No games, no hassle just down to earth genuine customer service. Buying a bike should be a pleasure not a hassle. Thank you guys for a nice change of pace. We love the bike and will be back when we are ready to buy again. Thanks Joe and Johnny for an excellent buying experience. Shop Woodstock and you'll love Kegels. Just sayin.

Jamie, Rockford ILLINOIS

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February 23, 2022

One of the best experiences I have ever had!

Kegel Rocks! I have never been treated this well. The level of knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Honestly if you are looking for a different ride or just need service or info check out Kegel! Ask for Joe Rigotti, Johnny Alex, and Rich Olson or many more on the job and ready to help. Thank you Rich for making this happen and thank you Kegel! I will always go to you in the future.

Dallas, South Beloit ILLINOIS

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August 18, 2016

Johnny Alex is the guy to see


Just bought my bike from Kegel's. Love my bike and the service I got. Johnny Alex helped me find the right bike for me and was very knowledgeable about each bike I looked at. He was laid back and cool, not some pushy sales guy. Even though I bought my bike on consignment, he polished it by hand before I rode away. He took the time to make sure I knew how to use all the many features on my bike and even made sure the new hand grips and highway pegs were put on before I left. If you are looking for a bike, Johnny Alex is the guy to see.

Barry, Rochelle IL